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"Far Worse" Telephone single

This single from Alexander Geist and Ben Jackson is Geist's fifth release. It is issued as a phone call between Alexander and you.

"Any Instant Whatsoever"

Alexander Geist's sixth single is released on Wicked Hag Records, as a temporary "GEIST" tattoo (download code included).

"A Woman's Right to Choose" poster single

The second single from Alexander Geist, released on New Pangea records as an exclusive A3 art poster (incl. download code).

Drawn by Sophie Iremonger, the illustration depicts Chelsea Manning cradling Alexander's body in a pose reminiscent of the pieta. Ltd edition of 500.

"Bad Language" 7" vinyl single

Bad Language is the debut single from Alexander Geist. Issued by Haute Areal records the single comes as a purple 7" backed with the b-side "What I Mean To You".

"Hello Lover" t-shirt

Adored by lovers of Alexander Geist across the world from Rome to LA! Join the family with the classic t-shirt.


"Malediction" Love letter single

The third single from Alexander Geist, is issued as a handwritten love letter and photograph, mailed out to lovers across the globe. The letter also includes a digital download code.



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